Entrepreneur Celebrates 10 Years in Business

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Young entrepreneur turned success story Michael Leszczynski is celebrating the 10th year anniversary of his automotive and home accessories shop, Dynamic Sound and Security.

At the age of 21 Leszczynski chose to take a break from his junior year at SUNY Oswego to pursue his dream: opening his own automotive accessories shop. Ten years later this December, the business continues to prosper.

“We continue to grow every year. I would say we’re shy of $500,000 per year in sales. Over the last three years in this location we’ve seen around 10 percent growth every year,”  Leszczynski said.

Dynamic Sound and Security specializes in accessories for the home and automobile, such as sound systems, remote car starters, blue tooth and navigation systems. Within the past few years, Dynamic entered the market in television and surround sound installations. Originally the business started out doing car detailing, which is still a provided service as well.

Throughout the years, Leszczynski has adapted his business to remain relevant by evolving products and services offered. This, he said, is how his business is still growing today.

“We try to stay on top of things. What we were selling four or five years ago isn’t what we’re selling now. Things change. Now it’s all about modern-day conveniences. You can come in here with your ‘94 Honda Civic and leave with as many amenities as a 2011 Cadillac has,” Leszczynski said.

Sales Manager James Coulter said Dynamic used to install large stereo systems for the automobile while they were popular, but now caters to a more mature customer base. People come in looking for vehicle accessories more often now, he said.

Leszczynski said his type of business is unique to the area. “As far as the truck accessories, home theater and car audio we’re kind of by ourselves here. There are a few dealerships in town that do detailing, but other than that we’re kind of it. The only other places you can go are to Syracuse or Rochester,” said Leszczynski.

Dynamic Sound and Security moved to its current location at 143 George St. in Oswego a few years ago. Previously the shop was located on West 1st Street and subsequently on Utica Street.  Leszczynski said his current location provides what the previous two did not: a large show room. At this store customers are able to get the retail experience walking around and shopping.

When first starting out, Leszczynski said he started small, knocking on the doors of commercial real estate to ask if they would rent him a corner of their store. He took the $500 his parents loaned him and began his business selling automobile accessories.