Mother Earth Baby Finds New Berth in Oswego

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The former Your House Your Home décor store in Oswego will soon be home to a natural parenting shop, Mother Earth Baby.

Currently at 188 Water St., Mother Earth Baby, owned by Lisa Emmons, will be moving to 70 W. Bridge St., the former location of Your House Your Home.

Emmons began her store as a branch of her mother’s business, Mother Earth Health Foods, which also houses a boutique version of Mother Earth Baby in North Syracuse.

The natural parenting shop specializes in cloth diapers, breast-feeding and health products for babies. Parents turn to Mother Earth Baby for Emmons’ guidance on the benefits of using cloth diapers versus disposable, as well as nutrition and other aspects of parenting.

Along with the retail portion of the store, Emmons operates a baby registry and cloth diaper service out of her Oswego location, encompassing sections of Oswego and Onondaga counties.

“One of the services we offer is a diaper service where we deliver cloth diapers,” said Emmons. “We have a large geographic location and we just provide the diapers and pick them up and deliver the clean ones once a week.”

Emmons plans to expand the diaper service as well as the retail portion of the store once the move takes place. Buoyed by a loan of about $180,000, Emmons plans to upgrade to a commercial washer and dryer for the diaper service, along with additional renovations.

The new location will also feature off-street parking, a handicapped-accessible ramp, which will be convenient for parents with strollers, and two different floors to separate the retail space from the diaper service and meeting room.

Emmons said she hopes to utilize the meeting room for classes and workshops.

Expansion mode — “Our goal is to continue to expand our supports and services and products in a way that we will eventually be using the whole space. We would love to do baby food-making classes and breast-feeding support and different workshops,” Emmons said.

The idea is for Mother Earth Baby to evolve into a one-stop parenting shop. Emmons said she would like to add furniture to the store to make it a more enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. She also plans to create a safe play area for children to be entertained while their parents shop.

“We want to develop a space where families can have a parenting center where there is everything you need for pregnancy to birth and beyond,” said Emmons.

Her passion for this market derives from growing up with her mother’s health food store, and partially from her four children. Emmons said she used cloth diapers with all of her children and has seen their growth and development throughout the last 12 years.

In the years between her second and third children, Emmons said cloth diapers had made enormous improvements. She visited the only cloth diaper store in her area, and decided to make them more readily available.

“I thought ‘this is right up my alley.’ I want to make cloth diapers accessible to everyone. If this is something people want to do, they should have access to them and be able to see them not just online. That’s where that passion started; when I saw how far they came and how easy they were to use,” said Emmons.

Mother Earth Baby has been open for three years now, with growth in revenue quadrupling this year. Emmons said her goal for the move and for her fourth year is to double her business profits.