New Subway at Oswego Walmart SuperCenter

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Accompanying the completion of Oswego’s newest Walmart Supercenter came the introduction of the city’s fourth Subway restaurant.

The Subway franchises are managed by Chris Batchelor, who said deciding to open a location under the same roof as the world’s largest retailer was a “no-brainer.”

“We felt like it was the right opportunity to do what we do for a larger audience. You can’t beat the high volume of traffic the world’s largest retailer brings to an area,” said Batchelor.

The potential to reach a larger audience is exactly what Walmart will provide for Subway. According to its website, Walmart reaches 200 million customers per week across the United States. The addition of a restaurant such as Subway adds value to Walmart’s “one-stop shop” theme.

The Walmart in-store leasing program involves a team of leasing professionals who contact local, regional and national businesses to offer them an opportunity to establish or expand as a company.

This initiative is how Subway’s newest Oswego restaurant came to fruition.

“They contacted Subway and invited us to set up shop in their newly remodeled store. This partnership allows us to reach a lot of customers and it allows Walmart to provide an extra service for their customers.  It’s a win-win for both of us,” Batchelor said.

Local lender Pathfinder Bank provided the financing for the start-up cost of opening the new location. Batchelor said Subway has had a great banking relationship with Pathfinder for many years.

After much hard work and effort, Batchelor said he is pleased with how things are shaping up.

“We have some predictability for our other locations in regards to busy times of the day or week and we are beginning to see some patterns here as well,” he said.

The new location is run by Subway’s local management team lead by director of operations Katie Isbell. Employment at the new location is forecast to fluctuate between six and 10 according to changes in season and customer flow.

In comparison, local company Subway of Oswego employs between 30 and 40 people on average throughout the year between its existing three locations.

“We have an awesome staff who are excited to welcome both our existing customers as well as new customers trying Subway for the first time,” said Batchelor.

Batchelor’s journey resulting in his ownership of the Oswego-area Subway franchise began in 1989. He was store manager of the first Subway that opened in Oswego. Five years later, he was given the opportunity to purchase the franchise rights.

Since then he has moved the first store to its current location in the Oswego Plaza as well as opened three additional locations. He oversees operations and development.

He said he is backed by a “great” support system: his family. Batchelor’s wife, Beckey, performs the accounting and human resource responsibilities with their daughter Christie as her assistant. Their son Austin has recently begun working at the stores helping to serve customers, making Subway of Oswego a family owned business.

Batchelor did not disclose specific numbers in regards to his investment in the new Subway location.