Pulaski Woodworking Business Expands into Rochester Area

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A woodworker’s dream comes true. Lakeshore Hardwoods of Pulaski is now opening another location near Rochester to supply kiln-dried hardwoods to an ever-expanding customer base.

Co-owners Brian Leary and his father Ken held the grand opening of their new store located at 191 W. Main St. in Victor recently.

The event included perks for local woodworkers such as free gifts, sale prices and seminars with nationally known craftsman Bill Bush of Bush Oil Products.

The site takes the place of the former G.W. Woods and has been open for business since the first of the year.

After a full renovation and restocking, Brian Leary said he is ready and confident in opening his new location.

“The first of the year was also my show season, so I was all over the Northeast doing shows,” Leary said. “Now that’s over. Now we’ve had time to do our renovations and we can let the public know that we’re open.”

Leary bought the existing wood shop of Greg Wolfe, owner of G.W. Woods, and created an atmosphere for woodworkers to find good wood. “We bought out an existing shop, and took over his customer base, bought his inventory and all his machinery.

We’re going into something turnkey,” Leary said. The shop only needed a revamping to turn it into the supplier that Lakeshore Hardwoods is known as.

After some construction involving tearing down shelving and putting in antique benches to display product, the store now caters to a larger customer base.

“I’m still pinching myself on how it all came about,” Leary said, “because I got a random email from Greg’s business broker. He was getting ready in the next week to liquidate and close the store. He wanted to see it keep going on because it was something he created. I was able to get a good deal on it and keep it going.”

Leary said Victor is the perfect location to expand into.

“There’s huge potential in the Rochester market because it’s got a better economy than this part of the state. Rochester, in the last 12 months, brought on 7,000 jobs. Syracuse brought on 900. That just goes to show that the economy is a little safer there,” Leary said.

Finding his niche — Providing a niche market to a target customer base is also what keeps Lakeshore Hardwoods ahead of the rest. At its Pulaski location, the business supplies more than 40 different species of wood, cutting and kiln drying it on site.
“There is currently competition out there, showing you that there is a market out there, because there’s woodworkers. But we blow them all away, hands down, in terms of pricing. They’re buying and reselling; we’re at the source,” Leary said.

Leary projects greater revenue from his new Victor location than his almost 20-year-old established Pulaski location.

“It only goes forward, because with what we do here, every year it grows. It’s just knowing how to market a niche product,” Leary said.

Leary said he is confident with his staff that will be running the Victor location under his management.

“We have better pricing, better drying, better storage, better selection, and woodworkers in Rochester are happy to finally have that service come to town,” Leary said.

He declined to discuss any financial matter related to the transaction.