Harmony Financial Services

Harmony Financial


Harmony Financial Services’ owner Robert Rolfe decided to come to the rescue at a time when people have never needed more help, he said.

Rolfe has nearly two decades of experience in assisting clients with financial planning and retirement preparation.

He said at this time the nation has seen the lowest interest rates in recorded history. In this current work era, he said only 9 percent of the United States populous will be eligible for pensions.

“It culminates in a perfect storm of people needing plans to accumulate money for the dreams and desires they have, as a result of retirement conundrums,” Rolfe said.

With the assistance of Fitzgibbons Real Estate, Rolfe found his current location in the former railroad depot on East First Street in Oswego. He has been renting the space since May 1, and said it is the perfect venue.

Rolfe also teamed up with John DeRousie and Custom Marketing Solutions to develop and implement a marketing and branding plan.

“I find that people have a tremendous need to cultivate plans to satisfy their desires. That’s really where I crafted the name of my practice, Harmony Financial Services. My desire is to put people’s money in harmony with their dreams,” said Rolfe.

Rolfe plans to host programs in the future for clients to become educated in saving for retirement.

His ability to communicate with clients on a personal level is something that will set him apart, he said. While others have great knowledge, they tend to speak from a technical background, whereas he views clients as real people with real goals, Rolfe said.

He also offers a “second opinion service,” which he said is important and a necessary step to gain the confidence and trust of his clients. He said sometimes people get very nervous, and it is important to provide them with an outlet to have open and honest conversations.

Harmony Financial Services also boasts of a proven process to make people’s goals tangible, Rolfe said. After personalizing a financial plan, he uses this process to help clients achieve their goals.