Keech Photography

Keech Photography


Owner’s Investment: More than $10,000

Guy and Amy Keech make the perfect team as a combination of artist and marketing specialist both working toward making their business, Keech Photography, a success.

The Keeches have been in business for a few years, and decided to finally open a storefront location this past April. Before, the business had been run out of their home, and with three young children, things could get a little hectic. The couple decided there was no better time than now to open a place where they can display their work.

“We really wanted a place to meet with our clients and give them an experience and see our work. When they walk in it’s a gallery of our work so they can see what we offer when we meet with them,” Amy said.

It took about $10,000 to completely renovate the space at 188 Water St., Oswego, including fixing walls, installing new doors and flooring, painting and beautifying. Guy said the expense was put on a credit card, which they are now working to pay off. However, he did say they expect a return on their investment well within the first year.

Having a storefront location has already boosted business, Amy said. She has booked clients who happened to see the studio while passing by, and secured clients when they were able to see the work displayed.

“It’s just being found because once people find us, they come in here and say ‘Oh this is fantastic!’ and then we get work,” said Guy.

Amy and Guy both look to highly paid, famous photographers as mentors and strive for their work to reflect that. Guy said they spend a lot of time making sure their photos look accurate for color and detail, and focus on making the image look the best it possibly can.

“We aspire to be people who live in California and are making $25,000 a wedding. That’s who we look at and see as mentors. We’re just always striving to be better. Every year we see our quality go up,” said Amy.

To them, increasing quality means taking risks and investing back into their business. Keech Photography uses professional equipment, which takes major investing, Guy said.

“We’re not the cheapest in town, and we know that. But we’ve found that if we try to compete with people who charge less than us, then we’re holding ourselves back from what we can do. We wouldn’t be able to invest in the business. Instead we have more so we can invest more and keep on climbing,” said Guy.

The Keeches refer to themselves as a team, which is how they work together so well. Amy grew up loving photography and studied overseas in Florence, Italy. Guy handles the business end, marketing the company and purchasing the necessary equipment. Guy recently also took on the task of editing.

While they’ve talked about expanding and hiring employees, Guy and Amy work in perfect harmony with one another, and decided now was not the time to disrupt that fluidity. They have worked out a balance that seems to suit Keech Photography perfectly.