King Rock T-Shirts and Printing

King Rock


Owner’s Investment: $30,000

Fulton-based company King Rock T-shirts and Printing prides itself on providing a high-quality product for a fair market value in concurrence with the local economy.

Owner and sole employee Robbin Bresnahan decided to open her own printing shop after managing and working as head designer for a large convenience store chain for a number of years. She has since purchased all her own equipment and began drumming up local business. She said the local community is appreciative of the reduced prices she offers.

King Rock T-shirts and Printing began conducting business between November and December of last year, and is continuing to expand. Currently Bresnahan works out of a small shop, but said she is getting ready to open a retail store.

“We do everything from business cards to building signs and everything in between. Because we are in the arts and we do design and print, we also do crafting. We also do custom handcrafted jewelry, design T-shirts, and print T-shirts for businesses. We do caps, totes, mugs, the whole thing,” said Bresnahan.

In order to get up and running, Bresnahan invested $30,000 into heat printing machinery, equipment and supplies. She said she pooled resources and also took out a small capital working loan.

“We try not to get overextended, so we keep it very close to being paid off. Because of the economy we try to stay very realistic. So far it’s working,” said Bresnahan.

The company specializes in aqueous printing, which is a water-based printing that is reportedly safe for the environment. Bresnahan said she made a commitment to stay in that arena and not get into the solvent world.

As of late, King Rock has been printing quite a bit of food packaging labels.

In addition to being a green company and offering reduced prices for high-quality products, Bresnahan is also passionate about being a regional business and helping out the local economy. She works with local farms that purchase products from her, and is also involved in the farmers market.

“We appreciate being able to stay in the community and feed back into the community,” she said.

Surprisingly, Bresnahan said King Rock is already bringing in enough revenue to eventually break even. She said her entire investment has not yet been recouped. However, in another year, she hopes to be turning a decent profit as she is steadily gaining clientele.

Bresnahan said she is able to offer low rates by buying product in bulk, and therefore passing those savings along to buyers. “We want to give people a really good product for a really good price that they can afford,” she said.

King Rock encompasses many different hobbies and passions of Bresnahan’s, from design and printing, to crafting, to community service. She said this was the right time to bring everything together.