Calling a Dallas Swimming Pool Leak Repair Company Saves You Money

Calling a Dallas Swimming Pool Leak Repair Company Saves You Money

A swimming pool or plumbing leak can cost homeowners a fortune in water bills, and also cause expensive damage to the pool’s pump and equipment. A swimming pool requires maintenance to keep it in good working condition. As an owner, one of the main issues you should be aware of is a leak. Leaks are one of the more costly issues to repair due to the amount of water that is wasted and the damage done to the ground, pool and possibly your home’s foundation. When a leak is detected a Dallas swimming pool leak repair expert should be contacted immediately.

When to call a Dallas plumbing leak repair expert

Specific issues with your pool will be clear indicators of a leak. If too much algae forms in your pool closely following a chemical treatment, that could be a sign of a possible leak. For those who have a desk surrounding their pools, detecting loose or cracked deck tiles could indicate a leak. If your automatic water filler has been supplying more water to your pool than usual, that is a clear sign of a leak. Lastly, if you find puddles of water or soft ground around your pool, that points to a leak as well.

If you find one or many of these problems with your pool, calling a Dallas plumbing leak repair expert should be your first step. A reputable company can help you to distinguish where the leak is originating in order to rectify the situation. The longer you wait to repair the leak, the more expensive the damage can be. Early detection of a leak and a quick response will keep the cost manageable and prevent your pool from falling into disrepair.

What causes a swimming pool leak?

There can be several reasons for a swimming pool leak. Cracks or holes in the pool or liner are the most common causes for a leak. The crack can also exist in the pool’s plumbing. Patching the crack or replacing the equipment will resolve the resulting leak.

Excess pressure within the pipelines can also lead to a pool leak. The pressure can cause the pipe joints to loosen and result in a leak at the joint connection or at the pipe’s opening. Pipeline joints may also leak due to degradation over time.

Who to call for a Dallas swimming pool leak repair

Many reputable Dallas plumbing leak repair companies are available for your services. One in particular has been in service for more than 25 years, and began the leak detection industry. American Leak Detection Plumbing and Repair specializes plumbing repair and detection of concealed leaks. Call them at 972-441-4030 for your pool repair needs. You can also learn more from their website,