5 Real Reasons to Start Getting Healthier Today: Your Life is at Risk

5 Real Reasons to Start Getting Healthier Today: Your Life is at Risk

  1. Diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes is the number one most popular health risk correlated with obesity. It is a lifelong disease that affects a person’s digestion and occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin, causing high blood sugar. Diabetes is treated by testing one’s blood sugar by drawing blood several times a day and injecting a corresponding amount of insulin. Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly often prevents diabetes.
  2. High Blood Pressure is a condition in which the force of blood against the artery walls is too strong. The illness can cause damage to the heart, blood vessels and kidneys over time and is treated with medications and a healthier lifestyle.
  3. High Cholesterol occurs when high levels of fat are stored in the blood. If unmanaged, high cholesterol can lead to blood clots and heart attacks. It is caused by unhealthy dietary choices and lack of exercise and is treated with medications and discontinuation of unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  4. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is caused by a buildup of plaque inside the coronary arteries, which supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart. Lack of blood flow to the heart can cause chest pain or a heart attack. The disease is treatable with exercise, a better diet and stopping tobacco use. Medication is also prescribed to treat causes of CAD.
  5. A Stroke is the most serious condition caused by obesity. It is a sudden disruption of blood flow to the brain and can cause irreparable brain damage in minutes. Those with the abovementioned conditions are at serious risk of a stroke, which can be prevented with a healthy diet. 

All of the aforementioned conditions can be easily avoided by seeking weight loss assistance from a Delray medical weight loss center. The health risks associated with obesity are serious, and can lead to an unforeseen death. Although the thought of losing weight may seem challenging, a Delray weight loss center can make it easy. With simple lifestyle changes and the support of Delray medical weight loss physicians, obesity and other impending health risks can undoubtedly be eradicated. A personalized program targets individual styles of weight loss and makes shedding weight attainable.

The implementation of a well-rounded diet and regular exercise prescribed by a Delray medical weight loss center will tremendously decrease chances of obesity-related conditions. Doctors work with their patients to maintain weight loss progress and reach milestone weight goals. Delray weight loss centers teach patients how to choose foods in real life and how to hone a work out regimen. By the completion of the program patients will have learned how to live a healthier lifestyle altogether.

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