How to Gain Permanent Legal Residency in the United States through EB-5 and EB-6 Visas

How to Gain Permanent Legal Residency in the United States through EB-5 and EB-6 Visas

An EB-5 immigration visa is a way for Immigrant Investors to obtain permanent residency or a green card for investing money in the United States. Usually, investors must spend $1 million or $500,000 in a high unemployment or rural area to be granted the eb-5 immigration visa. Immigrant Investors can also create 10 jobs for United States workers in order to be granted the investor visa. The investment can be put toward a commercial business or a 3rd party-managed investment approved by the US government. The party will invest the money and be awarded the responsibility of providing the jobs. A fee is generally charged for the management of the investment.

In a situation where the investor’s EB-5 immigration visa petition becomes granted, the investor and his immediate family are awarded permanent investor visas allowing residence for up to two years. The citizenship is conditional, and if the investor fills the requirements the investor visa may be converted into a permanent residency after the two years through a petition.

A New Type of Residency

The new Immigration Reform bill states that the current EB-5 program will be expanded to include an additional investor visa known as the EB-6. This new visa will decrease the amount due in order to be granted US residency. For some time less than half of the available EB-5 immigration visas have been issued each year. The new EB-6 visa is intended to rectify that situation and take advantage of the same pool of available investor visas.

The differences in requirements for the EB-6 and EB-5 visas are designed to distinguish between non-immigrant and immigrant visas.  For example, the EB-6 visa grants permanent residency with the creation of 5 jobs, while the EB-5 requires the creation of 10 jobs. However, similar to the EB-5 visa, the EB-6 visa can be petitioned for permanent residency after two years.

A Non-Permanent US Residency

To earn a less permanent US residency, a three-year non-immigrant visa may be awarded for a $100,000 investment toward a US company or with the creation of 3 US jobs which earn an excess of $250,000 annually for a minimum of two years.

Although the EB-5 immigration visa has not been fully utilized, the amount of applicants has recently increased. New investors are arising with the ability to work with law firms on their applications. The law firms represent the investor and act as an advisor for choosing investment vehicles or 3rd party options. These services are available for both EB-5 and EB-6 visas.

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