Optimize Your Company’s Online Identity with a Professional Web Design Company

Optimize Your Company’s Online Identity with a Professional Web Design Company

If you own a company in Portland, Oregon selling products or services, your business can reap substantial benefits from a Portland e-commerce web design company. Having a site developed by an e-commerce web design professional can expand your business much further than Portland. Your company will have the potential to become a household name possibly nationwide or even internationally.

While the economy is in recovery, reaching consumers outside of the Portland area is a wise goal to set for your company. With a Portland e-commerce website design your business could reach cities and states with a more expendable income and greater buying power. If these buyers come across your website, you could see tremendous growth in business.

Why Choose E-Commerce?

E-commerce websites have the capacity to generate sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike a brick and mortar storefront, e-commerce sites do not have hours of operation because they are always open for business. On an e-commerce site you can showcase your product how you want consumers to see it. The site will always be ready to process orders and showcase your product.

A Portland e-commerce web design also translates through different time zones. People will not be limited by a time difference whether they are across the country or internationally located.

The money spent on hiring a Portland e-commerce web design company will have a high return value. The start-up cost of hiring a professional will be an investment toward your company’s future. Once the site is developed and becomes operational, the overhead is minimal compared to the potential for revenue.

An e-commerce website is also secure. Online ordering and credit card information will be protected by a powerful SSL encryption. Your customers will not have to worry about their credit card information or identity being stolen due to security issues with your Portland e-commerce website design.

The convenience your consumers will experience with your e-commerce site is immeasurable. Online shopping and ordering will be a breeze, and much more convenient than having to drive to your store. They can visit your site from home, the café or anywhere with an Internet connection. Buyers will be able to find you online easily, provided your website is SEO-formatted.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is a phrase used to describe tactics used by writers to obtain a natural location on organic search engine result pages. Using keywords within your content is one way a Portland organic SEO company would perform such tactics. Other examples may include keyword analysis, backlinking and link building. These processes improve the popularity of your links and make you relevant to readers.

Hiring a Portland organic SEO company will help your company to gain exposure over the Internet. When consumers search for the types of products and services you provide, and excellent SEO professional will ensure that your website comes up among the top results.

Exults is a Portland-based company that specializes in website design and organic SEO. They can work with you to ensure your company’s online identity is as effective as possible. Call Exults at 866-999-4736 or visit their website at www.exults.com to learn more about your options and receive a quote.