The Right Time to Call a Pembroke Pines Child Custody Attorney During Your Divorce

The Right Time to Call a Pembroke Pines Child Custody Attorney During Your Divorce

 Battles over custody of a child during a divorce can be extremely painful and become exceptionally ugly. The child can easily become a bargaining tool used to cause one another pain and agony. Parents are often times unaware of their legal rights and how the laws function in terms of child custody. The best way to sort out the legalities of child custody is to seek a Pembroke Pines divorce attorney who also specializes in the matter.

What can I learn from a child custody attorney?

 Specific circumstances differ in each case of child custody and divorce. You may not be aware of how the laws pertain to you in particular. For example, in infant custody battles a new mother can be awarded full custody automatically, while the father is granted visitation.

Some parents may agree on visitation schedules in which the father can see the child every other weekend. This is often the case, however, some fathers may seek full or joint custody of the child. Enhanced visitation rights are also an option. The court will generally assume custody rights to the mother and visitation rights to the father, unless extenuating circumstances exist.

A Pembroke Pines child custody attorney will work with parents to make clear how the laws apply to them directly, including child support laws. Neither the mother nor father of the child has the ability to choose the amount of child support awarded to the custody-holder. Seeking counsel on these laws is advisable before entering the courtroom.

What can a child custody attorney do for me?

Pembroke Pines divorce attorneys can assist you with changes in your custody case. If your situation changes and the amount of child support is no longer practical, a divorce attorney can take the necessary steps to have the amount changed. For example, if the party paying child support suddenly loses his or her job, the amount of child support owed would need to be revised. This is also true for the opposite, if the party’s wages were to increase.

An attorney will also be of assistance in custody violations. If visitation schedules have not been followed to need to be revised, talking to your child custody attorney is the first step in making a claim. You can discuss with your attorney whether or not the action is considered a violation before moving toward costly and lengthy legal action.

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