Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics

Preschool gymnastics is a great way to begin your child’s athletic career. The sport of gymnastics encompasses several skills used in other sports, as well as in your child’s general development. Benefits such as self-confidence, discipline and body awareness are learned during regular preschool gymnastics classes, and will help your child to grow into a well-rounded athlete.


One of the greatest benefits of preschool gymnastics is the development of self-confidence. Through accomplishing small feats each class, your child will learn to take pride in achieving goals. From mastering the balance beam to doing their first solo backward roll, no victory goes unnoticed! Children are praised every step of the way. Once a child gains confidence in his or her abilities, fear of trying new things goes out the window and an excitement for learning new skills is developed.


Gymnastics is a very demanding sport, especially when performed correctly. A gymnast could learn a new skill every day, and still there would be more to accomplish. Preschool gymnastics sets the foundation for children to take direction and establish discipline. Gymnastics coaches must take the time to teach every step of a skill and the proper technique before a child can even begin to perform it correctly. During a preschool gymnastics class, your child will need to freeze, focus and listen to directions. He or she will need to practice a skill several times before finally succeeding at it. This type of discipline will transfer over to most other sports, school and life in general.

Body Awareness

Preschool is the time during which children fully develop their own body awareness. Preschool gymnastics classes incorporate knowing where each body part is, what it is called and how it moves. Your child will learn flexibility, balance and coordination through gymnastics progression. Every limb of a child’s body has to work together to perform a gymnastics skill correctly. Throughout a cartwheel, both arms need to stay strong to support the child’s weight, both hands need to push off the floor to continue the rotation, and both legs need to kick up to create momentum. If one part of the body doesn’t work with the others, the entire skill could fall apart. This is true for most skills in gymnastics, and because of this, children learn to have self-discipline.

The benefits of preschool gymnastics go far beyond learning how to do a forward roll. While gymnastics keeps children healthy and fit, the skills acquired through regular preschool gymnastics classes will be carried on throughout the rest of their lives.