Getting Kids Off the Couch

Today’s generation of children have more distractions than ever before, and more reasons to hibernate indoors. From smart phones to tablets to social media, no wonder why kids aren’t getting the physical exercise they need! Instead of playing outdoors with friends, they’re talking to each other through computers or sitting in front of the TV playing video games.

Preschool gymnastics is a fun way to get your kids out of the house and get the exercise their growing bodies require. What other sport allows kids to jump, swing, flip, tumble and fly all in one class? Gymnastics provides kids with the opportunity to build a solid fitness foundation, as well as develop life skills in a fun new environment.

It is difficult to persuade your kids to exercise by simply teaching them about obesity and health issues. Most kids only care about what is fun! But as a parent, it is important to know the reasoning behind keeping your kids physically active. According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity is on the rise and is a serious concern for children. The CDC recommends participating in sports or other physical activities to benefit kids’ weight, blood pressure and bone strength.

In a day and age when most jobs are becoming sedentary, starting your kids in gymnastics at a young age will teach them to engage in physical activity when they grow older, as well. Preschool gymnastics also builds the foundation for socialization skills, following directions and teamwork. Not only are kids getting the fitness they need in preschool gymnastics classes, they are also learning important life lessons.