Teaching Your Preschooler to Read

As a parent, you play an important role in your preschooler learning to read. While the process may be complex, you have opportunities to engage your preschooler throughout everyday life. Learning to read occurs through conversation, reading and writing, which can be done at breakfast, dinner and any time in between!

Conversation is a major part of learning to read, and is the easiest way to engage your preschooler. Talk to your child about the words on the cereal box during breakfast, the road signs you see on the drive to school or the instructions on his homework assignment. Every time you talk with your child, he is learning new words and adding to his vocabulary.

Make Reading with Your Preschooler Fun

Another fun way to help your preschooler learn to read is by reading his favorite story together. By making reading into quality time the two of you spend together, you are showing him that reading can be fun. When a preschooler thinks something is “fun” he can’t wait to do it again!

Talking and reading with your child helps him to put how words sound together with how they look. Bridging this gap will be one of the most difficult steps for a preschooler to conquer, so practicing with him will aid in the process.

Your Preschooler is Watching

Children will learn from the adults who are important role models in their lives. When your child sees you making a grocery list or writing down a phone number, it is natural that he will want to write, too. Giving your child a pencil and paper to write, scribble or even draw on will eventually teach him to formulate letters and words.

The more you practice reading and writing with your preschooler, the more likely it is that he will absorb the knowledge and begin learning to read on his own. When a child continues to progress at something, he will also enjoy doing it, so keep at it and make reading a fun part of your everyday routine!