How to Become a Diamond Member with Javita: Do YOU Have What it Takes?

Diamond Membership is the highest level of achievement within the Javita Coffee Company. Diamond Members Bill and Dawn Ball of Java Empower Group invite you to learn how they accomplished such a hefty goal, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

Not only does network marketing with Javita earn Bill and Dawn their salaries, it also affords them with a plethora of benefits and perks. Above all else, Javita allows for freedom – both financially and through the ability to enjoy free time. Bill and Dawn are able to work from home, create their own schedules and answer only to themselves.

Bill and Dawn live life on their own terms. They get to travel often with other Javita Diamond Members, drive a brand new BMW, received free iPads and earn monetary bonuses. This year Diamond Members vacationed at Atlantis in the Bahamas on an all-expenses-paid vacation, funded by Javita. Prior to that, Bill and Dawn visited Cancun, Mexico on a top earner trip with Javita, and recently returned from the National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We got to swim with the dolphins, got our pictures taken and had an incredible time. We were able to meet a baby dolphin and had an amazing dinner where we were spoiled. The next day we all met on the boat and went on a snorkeling adventure. It was so fun,” said Dawn Ball.

How to Achieve Diamond Member Status with Javita

Setting goals is a top priority when beginning your journey with Javita. Bill Ball recommends setting long term and short term goals, as well as personal and business goals. Keep the big picture in mind, and take small steps to achieve your end objective. Don’t just think of your goals – write them down and express them often. By writing down your goals you can hold yourself accountable, and by telling others about them they can hold you accountable.

Dawn Ball likes to create dream boards, on which her and her family craft a collage of different goals they would each like to achieve. She recommends putting your dreams and goals on something visual, so that you can see and refer to it often.

Most importantly, put in the work to realize your dreams. Think and talk about your objectives frequently, but also get out there and attain them. Completing your end goal will be rewarding, but the journey is half the fun! Your journey with Javita will include meeting new people from all walks of life, establishing business relationships and cultivating friendships. It is a rewarding experience that many have said changed their lives.

Network marketing and developing relationships is the basis of Javita. Those who demonstrate commitment and a desire to succeed with Javita will earn the ability to learn from the CEO and top earners within the company. By attending events, especially the National Convention, you prove to yourself and to Javita leaders that you are willing and ready to put in the work. That effort will not go unnoticed and will ultimately be rewarded.

“The next Diamond in the company will come from that event. But if you’re not there, you don’t have a chance to become a Diamond in this company because that’s where it starts” said Bill Ball.

Leaders will get to spend more time with members who attend events, which allows you the opportunity to learn from the best. If you surround yourself with like-minded people who are interested in succeeding, you too will have a better chance at success. Bill and Dawn attribute their Diamond Member status to never having missed an event.

Javita is a wonderful opportunity with an empowering company. To get started on your journey with Javita, visit for more information.