Bill Ball Invites You to Join the Java Empower Group!

Java Empower Group founder, Bill Ball, makes his debut in full 2D animation! Ball himself takes you through his journey with Java Empower Group, and why he believes so strongly in the Javita coffee and tea revolution. Not only does Ball come alive in 2D, he connects with viewers through his narrations. Ball explains how joining his powerhouse brand can help you realize true financial freedom by helping others to live healthier lifestyles. His passion for Javita and his Java Empower team radiates through his character!

“At the Java Empower Group we are stay-at-home moms, doctors, assistant principals, business owners, lawyers, politicians, musicians and professional athletes. We’re people from all walks of life,” says Ball.

All of these people are brought together by a common interest in financial freedom and more time to spend as they please. Joining the Java Empower Group has given these entrepreneurs the opportunity to achieve their dreams of more, without the grind of a 100-hour workweek.

Ball wants to see his team succeed and bring happiness to others with the Javita products. He knows that coffee and tea are not a fleeting fad, and quotes Warren Buffett in saying, “If you want to be successful, start a business in a large market and just take a small share.” He says that is exactly what Java Empower Group is doing.

The mission of team Java is to help make people healthier and wealthier. With proven results all over the world, the company’s verified business model is designed to make members the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Ball sincerely wants to help you get on the right track toward economic independence.

“If you’re tired of building someone else’s dream, or just tired of owning a business that owns you, we have the solution,” says Ball. “This is the reason we founded the Java Empower Group.”

He invites you to sit down for a cup of Javita coffee with him to discuss how Java Empower Group is changing lives, simply by changing our cup of coffee or tea. See how Ball and his team have combined the $100 billion weight loss market with the $100 billion coffee and tea market to create a $200 billion industry! Take the first step toward your financial freedom by visiting