Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

Instant Articles is a new feature on Facebook that allows app users to read articles quickly and easily while scrolling through their newsfeeds. Sixty percent of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, according to a study done by comScore. Since more and more smartphone users are consuming their news on mobile phones, Facebook’s aim is to make their experiences simpler and more enjoyable. Prior to the release of Instant Articles, the average time it took for an article to load on the Facebook mobile app was eight seconds. This was by far the slowest type of content consumption on Facebook. With the introduction of Instant Articles, the experience is now ten times faster.

The new feature also allows publishers to post articles more conveniently, while breathing new life into the reader’s experience. Users can tilt their phone to zoom into high-resolution photos and watch videos play automatically in the newsfeed. Interactive maps add a new element of user activity, as well as audio captions and more “like” and “comment” options. These new items let publishers take control of their brand and monetization.

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