How to Inspire Creativity with Office Furniture

Economic growth and technological advances have increased the competition between businesses over time, and can undoubtedly place strain on employees due to heightened demand. Companies tend to prosper when their employees are happy and comfortable in their environments. Unbeknownst to many CEOs and business leaders, a company’s office furniture and set-up can either promote or discourage creativity and contentment in the work place.

Bridging Desk Solutions Can Inspire Creativity in the Work Place

Open floor plans are growing in popularity among corporations and large businesses. While many people’s first thought when designing an open office is to turn to cubicles, a bridging option may be a better fit for creative companies. A bridge style desk is a long table that seats several employees. Usually the tables are set up in one room or a general area where employees can communicate freely without walls or barriers.

Create a Conference Room or Meeting Area

Beginning or ending the workday, even once every week, around a conference table or in a designated gathering space to go over the statuses of projects will promote teamwork and creativity. By identifying a common ground, a conference table facilitates the process of communication and the free flow of ideas. Comfortable seating can also encourage ingenuity by producing a cozy, warm atmosphere. Overstuffed executive chairs, or task chairs with structured armrests can be paired with a large conference table to inspire creativity.

Incorporate Technology with Power-In Conference Tables

It is much easier to discuss a project when you can see its components in front of you. Modern conference tables feature openings for cords, and can even provide a plug-in station. Meeting rooms have been updated to incorporate audio and visual aids. Utilizing technology in employee gathers can generate excitement and spark an idea in the mind of any creative.

Arrange Office Furniture to Face Inward

While the most common way to set up cubicles or desks in an office is in rows or against walls, turning them to face inward so that employees can see each other will allow for open communication. When team members can see each other as they work on a project, they will feel free to speak openly and share ideas with one another. Brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of co-workers can inspire one to think in a way he or she may not have before.

How you set up your office space should reflect your ideals as a company. If you strive to inspire creativity in your employees, consult an expert to learn how to best design your office to promote the free flow of communication and ideas. The sales professionals at Furniture by George have experience with assisting in the selection and installation of all types of office furniture. Learn more about available options at, and call 727.561.0325 to speak with a representative.