Opportunity Awaits with Java Empower Group!

People all over the world have been changing their lives with the Javita Coffee Company. Tireless dead end jobs have been traded in for endless opportunity and growth potential with the Java Empower Group. In just months, Javita team members have qualified for bonuses, a free iPad, a new BMW and an all-expenses-paid vacation to Cancun, Mexico. You too can experience the benefits of Javita!

Here’s how:

With Java Empower Group, there are two ways to get started on your road to success. The first option is to become a customer. By becoming a Javita customer, you will enjoy the all-natural products that Javita has to offer, but you will be missing out on a very important part of the business – your income opportunity! By becoming a Java Empower Group member, you will get paid to share Javita coffee and tea products with the world.

Javita has captured a $120 billion global market in coffee consumption, and a $100 billion global market in weight loss, and combined the two to create a $220 billion industry. With coffees and teas that help people reach their weight loss goals, sharing Javita is simple!

Social, or word-of-mouth marketing is the basis of the Java Empower Group business model. This method is used by some of the most successful businesses in the world. By investing in employees rather than expensive advertisements, Javita is able to reward top earners with technology, transportation and vacations!

Compensation Plan

The Java Empower Group Compensation Plan rewards top earners for product sales and new member registrations. This model can be extremely lucrative for those who invest their time into becoming successful. Javita allows members to earn weekly income through sales and sign-ups, with new goals to achieve at each level of Javita membership.

The STAR Bonus Program is the first stage of Javita membership. New members will work swiftly to becoming a STAR, as it is the first stepping-stone of the business. Three bonuses are reserved for STAR members, one with each new member that the STAR recruits. STAR members will build their personal teams and help each new member they recruit to attain the STAR level, as well.

Subsequently, the BMW Car Bonus Program is the next level of achievement within the Java Empower Group. When a member reaches a Supervisor level or higher, he or she qualifies for the esteemed Dream Car Club, and becomes eligible for a monthly car bonus. This bonus is designed to reward the efforts of hardworking team members with a brand new BMW!

The Diamond Club membership is the following stage of accomplishment with Javita. Diamond members qualify for monthly Diamond Global Infinity bonuses. They are also eligible for Diamond Rank Advancement Bonuses and Diamond Builder Bonuses. These programs benefit those who expand their personal Javita businesses and continue to strive for excellence.

There are a number of additional bonus opportunities and reward systems available to Java Empower Group members. To find out more about the Javita Compensation Plan, visit http://www.JavaEmpowerGroup.com.