You’re Invited to Javita’s Super Saturdays!

Javita team leaders nationwide host Super Saturdays to celebrate the success of the brand and the amazing opportunities it provides. From New Jersey, to California, to Florida, members are invited to bring a friend and get inspired by speakers, the products and the incredible rewards!

Team Javita is gathering for Super Saturday events throughout the month of April. In Massachusetts, Virginia, California, Washington, Florida and New Jersey, Javita leaders are touring the country to share their excitement for the future of the enterprise. Guests are invited to enjoy Javita coffees and teas while hearing from the Javita elite. Speakers give testimonials about their journeys with the company and tips on how to share a product that sells itself.

Throughout the nation, team Javita is training potential and current members to reach their business goals and attain financial freedom during Super Saturday events. Those who have achieved milestones with Java Empower Group, such as the BMW Car Bonus, the Diamond Club Bonuses and other Javita incentives share their proven methods of climbing the professional ladder and accomplishing their dreams.

Hosted by local leaders nationwide, Super Saturdays allow for Javita team members to learn more about the products, develop new techniques and celebrate their victories.

Most Javita team members started from a place of economic instability, working several jobs just to make ends meet. Super Saturdays are a way to remind members who are in the beginning stages that even Javita leaders had to start from the bottom and put in the effort to reach the top. If they can do it, so can you!

Having done the work to secure their status, top Javita members also share the benefits of working with the company. Team members enjoy bonuses immediately, and every time they enroll a new member. From $20 to $250 depending on the initial package chosen, new affiliates are compensated for their own commitment to the brand, as well as for accruing additional affiliates.

Leaders also discuss higher-level rewards, such as a free iPad or a new BMW, for helping new members to empower others by joining Javita. The stages of Javita membership range from Associate to Diamond, and the opportunities are endless.

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