Waterfront Properties


Waterfront living is reserved for only the most elite homeowners, where breathtaking views, calming tranquility and serene scenery abound. Relax on a wrap-around porch or in a nearby pool with the sunlight bouncing off the glistening waves in the backdrop. The luxurious lifestyle of living on the water affords convenient access to beaches, docks and boat launches. Enjoying water sports such as boating, fishing, waterskiing, kayaking and paddle boarding can be done with ease.

Indoor and outdoor entertaining at waterfront estates boast the perfect, picturesque exhibition of natural beauty at its finest. Gatherings with friends and family are elevated by the exquisite scenery. Demand for waterfront property is high, as no other location compares to the peaceful placidity a waterfront view provides. Even at night, watching the moonlight dance with the calm motion of the ripples in the water soothes the soul.

From the award-winning beaches of Florida with their white sand and clear ocean waters, to the mountainside embankments of the California coast with their crashing ocean waves, each waterfront estate exudes its own unique vibe. The luxury of a property on the water’s edge is coupled with fine dining, posh shopping and palatial entertainment. Florida’s persistent sunshine allows for family gatherings at the beach, while California’s rolling hills are the perfect setting for a challenging golf course. Ideal destinations are scattered from coast to coast, offering an abundance of waterfront options. Find your perfect waterfront estate in the pages that follow.