Dreamy Carolinas


North Carolina and South Carolina, collectively considered The Carolinas, boast four seasons of exquisite natural splendor. With opulent summers and mild winters, Carolina residents are never at a loss for outdoor activities. Warm summer air provides the perfect opportunity to cool off with water sports, including boating, jet skiing and kayaking. Fall colors create a breathtaking excursion along America’s Favorite Drive; the Blue Ridge Parkway. A winter wonderland envelopes the region, ideal for cascading down the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Finally, spring brings the optimal climate for hiking and biking the terrain. Adventure abounds in The Carolinas.

Culture and tradition date back to the 1600s within the locale. North Carolina and South Carolina existed as one entity up until the mid-1700s. Cobblestone streets still adorn the area, reminding residents of the rich history that surrounds them. Wild horses continue to roam freely on the beaches, inspiring generations for more than 400 years. Momentous lighthouses date back to 1798, and can still be accessed and toured.

The Carolinas are among the fastest growing states in the nation. With relatively affordable homes and an abundance of recreational pastimes, North Carolina and South Carolina have both become retirement meccas and second-home destinations. Vacationers are attracted to the area for its tepid weather and palatial vibe, boosting the local economy for provincial natives. Trendy corporate headquarters and posh higher academic institutions have also established themselves within the vicinity. Discover the home of your dreams in The Carolinas on the pages that follow.